Aquaponics Workshops


Our new class, All About Aquaponics, discusses topics such as:

  • How an aquaponic system works
  • Types of aquaponic systems
  • The types of fish and vegetables you can grow
  • Aquaponic sucess stories
  • Question and answer session

We also offer, Introduction to Aquaponics, this course covers:

  • System componets 
  • Choosing a system
  • The nitrification process
  • Plant selection
  • Types of planting media
  • Cycling with fish
  • Fishless cycling
  • Fish feeding
  • And much more!

Another new class we offer, How to Build an Aquaponic System, is a hands on course that covers:

  • Choosing the system you want to build
  • Designing the system
  • Tools and Materials
  • Hardware
  • Grow beds
  • Tanks
  • Drilling Rafts
  • Choosing media
  • Tips for Success
Want to learn about aquaponics? We will bring our workshop to you. We offer outreach to small groups interested in Aquaponics. Check out our Events on our Facebook page Grow it Right Aquaponics.

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