Are you you interested in learning about aquaponics?

We can send you a free information packet: It can help guide you through decisions such as which type of system is right for you. It also explains aquaponic terms as well as other important facts and information.

Are you already familiar with hydroponics?

Great! We can help assist you in turning your existing hydroponic system into an aquaponic system. We can also assist with tips for specific growing conditions, such as what grows well in your micro-climate.

Want to build your own system?

Start from the beginning. Aquaponic systems can be designed to fit many areas. They can also be designed on a small scale with room for future expansion.

Thinking Big?

So are we! Commercial scale aquaponic systems are another option. There are many important factors to consider when designing a large scale system. We can help with many of your decision making needs such as site, fish and vegetable selection.


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